Responding to a webhook event in a node

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I’m developing a node for smartsheet. However, smartsheet webhooks are a stupid design. The documentation that I’m using ( states that I need to create the webhook. Then, send a PUT request to the Smartsheet API to set “enabled” to true. Then, a request is sent to the n8n webhook, which needs to respond with the smartsheet-hook-challenge that is sent to it. My question is: how do I respond to the webhook request? I’ve tried the following:

	async webhook(this: IWebhookFunctions): Promise<IWebhookResponseData> {
		const req = this.getRequestObject();
		const headers = this.getHeaderData();

		let response = req.body;

		if (response.challenge) {
			const response: INodeExecutionData = {
				json: {
					params: this.getParamsData(),
					query: this.getQueryData(),
					body: this.getBodyData(),

			const webhookResponse:
				| string
				| undefined = `{'smartsheetHookResponse': ${headers['smartsheet-hook-challenge']}}`;


			return {
				workflowData: [[response]],

		return {
			workflowData: [this.helpers.returnJsonArray(response as IDataObject[])],

However, it’s not accepting that webhookResponse. I’ve tried responding with a JSON array, but that doesn’t seem to work either. Is that actually sending a webhookResponse? Or am I completely off the path here…


Suppose I should clarify. The webhook in n8n does receive the data from smartsheet with the challenge and smartsheet-hook-challenge. The webhook does seem to be responding, however it’s incorrect. This is the response I get from Smartsheet:

    disabledDetails: 'Response was missing verification response in both header and body, or body JSON may have been invalid. (ref id: v60mzg)',
    version: 1,
    createdAt: '2023-04-28T03:07:14Z',
    modifiedAt: '2023-04-28T03:07:14Z'

I received the error even when I had it set to return JSON. I also tried to return {headers, body, statusCode} with the appropriate values (body set, and statusCode set, etc.) but it still rejected it with the same error.

Hey @namesbob,

It looks like if you are getting an error to say it is not set or being returned that is either the case or there is a bug in smartsheet.

Have you tried sending a test request with curl to see what you get back?

Looks like I just made a stupid mistake - ChatGPT was able to fix it for me :smiley:

Replaced the code with this:

		if (response.challenge) {
			const challenge = headers['smartsheet-hook-challenge'];
			const webhookResponse = JSON.stringify({ smartsheetHookResponse: challenge });

			return {

and it seems to be better now. Stringifying JSON seems to have fixed the issue