Retrieving Dropbox metadata from List Folder

Hi, I’m running a basic Dropbox List: Folder workflow. I’d like to retrieve the “path” (in Dropbox entries called “path_lower”). From Dropbox API documentation is possible because JSON structure of /list_folder/continue endpoint among other things has these entries (I tried also with Integromat and truly is possible) :

“entries”: [
“.tag”: “file”,
“name”: “Prime_Numbers.txt”,
“id”: “id:a4ayc_80_OEAAAAAAAAAXw”,
“client_modified”: “2015-05-12T15:50:38Z”,
“server_modified”: “2015-05-12T15:50:38Z”,
“rev”: “a1c10ce0dd78”,
“size”: 7212,
“path_lower”: “/homework/math/prime_numbers.txt”,
“path_display”: “/Homework/math/Prime_Numbers.txt”,
“sharing_info”: {
“read_only”: true,
“parent_shared_folder_id”: “84528192421”,
“modified_by”: “dbid:AAH4f99T0taONIb-OurWxbNQ6ywGRopQngc”

Yet When I see the output of my workflow it seems really basic:



“id”: “id:B2YriGIE7VsAAAAAAAAHDg”,

“name”: “Public”,

“type”: “folder”


Can you help me?

Welcome to the community.

Ah yes, just got fixed. We will let you know when it is released.

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Thanks a lot Ricardo!

Got released with [email protected]