RFID reader to webhook

Hi there, before I reinvent the wheel; does anybody know a RFID reader that can be easily programmed to trigger a webhook? Thanks in advance!

Hi @dickhoning,

My first choice would be the Raspberry Pi :sweat_smile:

A quicker solution would be an Android phone with Automate (app). I think Automate has a RFID trigger.

Easily no, some readers like Elatec, Zebra and RFIdeas offer SDKs that you can use. I once played with a neat reader from Fujitsu that used Node Red for validation that would do it.

Depending on what you are after I still chat to a couple of guys who make a Biometric reader and they were looking at implementing RFID / NFC at some point so there could be something there.

The quick option would be to use a Pi or SBC with an rfid module, out of interest what are you planning to do?

@Jon a customer of mine has multiple production facilities throughout the EU where the components get supplied from a few central warehouses. The are looking at adding an rfid tag to their shipment, which then automatically gets scanned when the goods arrive at the different production facilities. The idea is that this then triggers a webhook that passes the data to their ERP system which then automatically sets the goods from in transit to received. If all goes well, they might also want to use this to track production orders in their production facilities. I’ve got the order to work out a proof of concept.


That is a neat idea, I wish I had a magic answer for you on this one but there are a bunch of things to think about. I guess as a really ugly concept to get started you could use QRCodes and move to RFID once you are happy with the general flow, The only real difference would be how you get the data to the hook but while you are working on the other parts you could put out the question to difference RFID manufacturers to get what you are after.