Richer functionality of the Affinity Node [GOT CREATED]

It would be great to have a richer functionality in the Affinity Node.
Currently it is not possible to:

  • search person by email
  • update a person by email
  • search for list entry
  • update list entry

Would be very useful if this is added!

Search a person by email can be done actually. Go to person:getAll and under options there is a field called “term”. According to the description term will allow you to search all the persons in your team’s address book. This could be an email address, a first name or a last name. Also, now you can search users by email, it is posible to update them by getting the id from getAll operation.

The list entry resource is certainly missing.

Thank you. Really helps. I checked it and indeed getAll does the job.
The problem is that my workflow is about adding persons to a list, so I’m still stuck.

@ayali Just added the resources List Entry and List. We will let you know when is release.


Got released with [email protected]