Unfortunately can not use community nodes in the cloud offering :frowning:

Hey @ohlr,

On cloud you would have to take the old route and build out a worklfow with a schedule node to check the feed, Something like this: Post RSS feed items from yesterday to Slack | n8n workflow template

thanks Jon, didn’t think of that.

Thanks, Jon! It does the trick to fix it. I can finally use it after I restart my n8n instance. :stuck_out_tongue:

a restart was needed in my case as well. thanks for building this trigger!

@Jon is the RSS trigger added officially to N8N nodes or is it still a community node?

Hey @pooria,

It is still currently a community node but I think it could be time to think about bringing it in.


I’m seeing that same error “Could not get parameter “pollTimes”!” after updating to 1.11.2. Similar to above, the pollTimes parameter doesn’t show in the node either. I tried restarting the container a few times, but that didn’t seem to help. Maybe something got changed again?

Hey @elliotmatson,

A PR has been put in to fix this but from 1.13.0 (available later this week) the RSS Trigger node will be a core part of n8n.

That’s great to hear! I’ll revert back for now and wait for the patch. Thanks for all you/your team does!

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 7386.