Run missed executions when workflow turns back on

The idea is:

When your workflow is turned off, any incoming webhook data sent to the offline workflow is still saved. When you turn on your workflow, be prompted with being able to run executions that were missed while the workflow was off.

My use case:

This would be very useful for when data needs to be synced between two platforms. It would ensure data validity in the second platform (i.e. no data is missing). It is otherwise a pain to find the missing pieces of data while the workflow turned off and having to transfer them manually.

Any resources to support this?

Make (Integromat) does this quite well already.

Hi there,

I like the idea.
But Integromat has this fixed as it is a hosted platform and they have a webhook processor infront of it. Something like HookDeck would do the same thing for you in n8n.
This would extend to the n8n server being offline for updates for example.

Best bet for now would be using HookDeck or similar to handle webhooks for you to make sure you never miss one.

also, do not forget to vote yourself. :slight_smile:


That’s very interesting, I didn’t know this thank you for sharing!