Rundeck API Token Invalid

I try to use Rundeck execute job and the error shows "Invalid value “undefined” for header “X-Rundeck-Auth-Token” but I use valid token on credential setting

Hey @Nattawong_Praditwatt,

What version of n8n are you running? Are you able to share a screenshot of the error message and the node config? Feel free to remove anything sensitive like urls and tokens.


I use this token with curl, It’s working.

Which version of n8n is that? The issue could be related to the recent http library change so maybe using the latest 141 release will resolve it.

I upgraded to 141 and something went wrong. It’s stuck on loading

Hey @Nattawong_Praditwatt,

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I am sorry that you’re facing such issues. Was this executing successfully earlier with a version prior than 0.139.0?

With the change in the underlying library, there have been some issues that we are continuously working on fixing.