Running multiple docker images

Hi frens!

Currently I am using n8n cloud (for stability) and self-hosted n8n (for high no. of exections).

At this time I have two droplets on digital ocean, each having one n8n instance. I wanted to add a third one, until I realised that might not even make sense?

My questions;

  • Can I host several n8n instances on a droplet? (I would say so, I would just have to create several docker images?)
  • If yes, how would I proceed?
  • Would it be smarter to create a bigger ‘droplet’ - so that there are enough resources available (in a way, mimicking n8n cloud?)

Thanks in advance!!

Hey @bees8,

You could host several instances on one droplet assuming you know how to manage containers and docker generally. To start with you would want to make sure they all have their own data folders and they all use a different ports on the host to avoid conflicts, From there it would just be a case of configuring your reverse proxy or whatever you are using to point each instance.

The smart option would depend on what you are actually doing and how important the workflows are, If the droplet goes down all of your workflows will stop. You may also have resource issues as well as you have mentioned.


Thanks Jon! I’ll take a look into it :slight_smile:


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