S3 File Upload Speed

I have a workflow that uploads a batch of small audio files. Each file is <1MB but the upload time is 15-20 seconds for each file. Uploading the same files to other services are much faster, usually a quarter of the time. Has anyone ran across this before? The upload time is the same even if I have the workflow only upload a single file. Thanks in advance.

Hey @jhambach,

Never came across this before! Do the AWS server and your instance live in the same region? I can’t think of any other reason that the speed would be slow for AWS, but not for others.

@RicardoE105, any ideas what could be the reason?

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The S3 bucket and N8N instance are both in us-east-2. My instance resources are fine, and the network card reports a max TX speed of 1300kbps. Seems like S3 is limiting the speed, I’m going to investigate it further.


Hey @jhambach,

Did you find the reason for the slow upload speed?

Well I was unable to figure out a reason as to why the upload speeds were slow, but using the S3 Compatible Storage Node (we use Wasabi) we were able to upload at fast speeds. I’m not sure if this is because of the storage Wasabi uses (even though it’s through S3) or something else.