Sambaposv5 and ERPnext Integration

##We are using Sambaposv5 POS to capture restaurant sales records. On the other hand we are using ERPNEXT to manage the accounting bit of operations. ERP next has stock module, Am wondering if there is a possibility of automating the sales tickets/receipts from sambaposv5 to be auto created in ERPNEXT for the purpose of accounting entries and stock management. This should include the mode of payment used to settle/pay the ticket
Kindly assist

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Hey @njorogewanjiru,

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If Sambaposv5 has a rest api that you can use or a database you can connect to it should be possible, It would be even easier if it supported webhooks but it all depends on the features that it has available.

Hello @Jon
Thanks for your feedback. Sambapos connects to Microsoft SQL server database, ERPNEXT Runs on mariaDB. Here is a sample of Sambapos API inetgration

Hey @njorogewanjiru,

That looks like it might be possible then, I don’t have any examples so it may take you a bit of work to get there but I am sure you will be able to do it.

Hello @Jon .
Do you have any example of an integration and sync of data from a local db to an online db?
like from MS SQL(local) to mysql(online)

Hey @njorogewanjiru,

I have just checked the workflows that have been created and submitted by us and other community members and I have found this one: Two way sync Pipedrive and MySQL | n8n workflow template

This one will sync MySQL and PipeDrive, In theory the database location or type shouldn’t matter as long as you can connect to it and handle any data types that might be different between the 2 but this looks to be a good starting point.

Hi @Jon , I will try it out and give feedback. Thanks very much

@njorogewanjiru We have built a POS for restaurant which is directly integrated with ERPNext