Save current node and reuse them in the sidebar

I think it would be better if we can save the node as a template and reuse them, instead of making a new node eachtime.

Interesting. Always expected that people mainly use the same nodes in the same workflow and copy/paste or simply duplicating them would be enough. For me, it does rarely happen that I need a very similar node again. Especially because I use a lot of expressions and there it would not work anyway.

What is your use case? Can you give an example?

reuse is king. fragile point to point one off integrations/flows work to a point but it becomes a maintenance headache to have duplicate code across your code base. This is not a critic of a young platform as n8n is, it is just a suggestion for n8n to mature you will find its own success (users numbers of flows) could begin to hurt adoption as the flows become hard to maintain due to sheer number of ‘similar’ flows

two years ago when written this is understandable but with n8n brillant timing with the explosion of no-code and continued growth in low-code the focus on expressions may limit the audience of n8n