Save Execution Progress Improvement


Is there any chance to improve the Save Execution Progress setting and the logic that uses to save data in the database?

I have a workflow and without Save Execution Progress enabled it finishes in 22 seconds.

With Save Execution Progress enabled it takes 8.40 minutes the same workflow to be completed.

Tha magnitude of execution time is huge.

I saw the UPDATE queries that run, something like this

UPDATE execution_entity SET data = '[{“startData”:“1”,“resultData”:\ … etc but these queries are not take to long to complete. Something in the n8n background proccessing happens i think. Maybe i’m wrong.

No there is sadly currently nothing we can do, the problem has to do with the way how n8n stores execution data. It would have to get totally changed (which it will probably in the future) to make that faster.

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@jan Thanks for the info. I will keep it disabled then until further notice.

Yes, if speed matters to you then this would be the best for now. Hope we can improve that in the future!

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