Scaling n8n in K8

Hello, thank you again for a great product !!!
We use n8n (v 0.130.0) in K8 infrastructure, here we expose different workflows than can be triggered by
webhook as an entry point, in front of all n8n instances in K8 we have a load-balancer. This infrastructure works perfect for us, the problem appears when we scale up/down, we observed that webhooks are de-registering from n8n (completely removed from DB). After some investigation we found that we should use


that will prevent removing wbehooks from DB, but as I see in 0.130.0 there 's no such property anymore and I suppose that we must use

Am I right is it a proper way to do in n8n 0.130.0? is it proper setup of n8n running on K8?

Thank you in advance , any comments are really appreciated.

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Did you check out the scaling documentation?

Because that is how it should be done. You can then scale the workers up and down as much as you want and you avoid the problem you are describing.

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Hi Jan,
thank you for you response do you provide any documentation how to done it properly
in K8?

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Sorry but we have nothing around that.