Scenario: Webhook, Ghost, WordPress


I am reviewing the possibilities of 8n8 :slight_smile: My question: is this scenario possible:

  1. I receive with webkook the name and email address
    2 I check if the email address provided is secure, here from what I see I can use
  2. if the email is OK I register the user in Ghost CMS
    5 I send an email through Mailgun with the content Z
  3. then I check if there is a user on the WordPress installation with the email address received by webhook.
    5 I create a condition:
    If it exists I send an email through Mailgun with the content Y
    If it does not exist:
  • I create a new user with a randomly generated name and password
  • I assign the user to a specific LearnDash course
  • I send an email through Mailgun with the content Z

I have something similar on Make (Integromat), but I’m curious if I can implement this scenario on 8n8

Thanks for reply!


Hi @Kriskros ,
I would say all is doable, with WordPress when you create the user, then use the “Update a Course Users” from the LearnDash API V2 to update user in the right course, this you can do using a regular HTTP request instead of the WordPress action. For the rest I think you can just use the n8n native actions for each status.

Hey @Jorge_M,

Welcome to the community :cake:

Looking at what you want to do none of it looks impossible, In theory it should work in a similar way to Make depending on if they have integrations for the services or if you are manually building it out.