Schedule Trigger Node is getting triggered multiple times during a workflow


I recently upgraded my self-hosted n8n to the latest version(0.214.2), I was on 2 versions back from the latest(I don’t have the exact version number). Now when I create a workflow the schedule node is getting triggered multiple times(see photo below)

Any workflows that were made BEFORE the update work fine. See Photo Below.

Both of these workflows were manually triggered.

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Thanks a lot for reporting that issue. I did spend some time debugging it and found now the reason for that issue. The frontend seems to create for currently unknown reasons invalid connections. In this case it create a connection from another node in the workflow to the “Schedule Trigger” node. Which next for obviously not being an intended connection, it is one that should not even be possible. We will release a fix tomorrow.

What you can do for now to fix it, which is sadly not simple:

  • Select the whole workflow
  • cut it out (ctrl/command + x)
  • paste it into an editor
  • remove the wrong connection manually (more information about that below)
  • select everything again
  • paste it into n8n
  • save the workflow

Remove wrong connection

In the Workflow JSON you will see in the editor there is a top level key called “connections” which stores all the connections between nodes. What you have to do is to remove all the connections going to the Trigger node. Which are stored under (from the root level) connections.<source node name>.main[[]] and remove them.

For a simple workflow that looks like that:
Screenshot from 2023-02-08 15-12-06

the JSON would look like this:

The highlighted part is what you would have to remove.

Best to search for the node name “Schedule Trigger” to make sure there are not multiple ones and none stays behind. All mentions of a Trigger-Node on that level would be wrong as they will never be a destination.

THANK YOU!!! Works like a charm

Glad to hear that it helped.

Have fun!

A fix got released with [email protected].

All workflows with that issue will be fixed automatically.

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