Scheduler trigger with dynamic start date, end date and interval from webhook

I need help to create workflow which will execute periodically with interval and start time and end time from the webhook inputs

Hi @Srinath, welcome to the community!

To start your workflow logic at a time specified by a webhook you could use the Wait node. Consider a workflow like this:

Now when calling a webhook URL like $n8nInstanceUrl/webhook/7bbab986-db99-42ab-8c29-e299ca4b97a4?start=2023-05-08T09:38:00.360Z, n8n would wait until 2023-05-08T09:38:00.360Z before running the main part of the workflow:

I am not quite sure what you mean by end time though - do you want to simply cancel your workflow after a given time? This could only be configured through the workflow settings currently, not for each execution individually I am afraid.


I mean. The worflow will start at the particluar date and time and it will have interval to execute the rest of the logic like a loop. Finally worflow will stop the execution at the end date.
Thank you for the reply. I got some idea to how use wait node for my logic.

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