Scheduling a scenario

Hi everyone!

I’m glad I learned a lot from admin as well as users. I am having a question about how to schedule actions in that scenario.
I have a case like this. I want to send my client a string of emails 3 days after they opt-in to the system. And I also want to send some emails at a specified time, for example the customer’s birthday.
Thank you and look forward to everyone’s help!

Welcome to the community @phuongn1109!

If you want to run a workflow at a specific date and time you can use the Cron-Node:

If you have however more than one customer (what I expect) and you want to send an email for their birthday, you would have to set the Cron-Node to daily and then query all customers which have their birthday on that given day.

Waiting is sadly currently not possible and got already requested here:

Thank you Jan! I think this node is very useful for n8n. Hope you could support that…