Search or filter executions by Execution ID [got created]

The idea is: Search or filter executions by ID for troubleshooting

My use case:

We need to troubleshoot an execution that ran and weeks ago. The only way to currently do this is by clicking the “load more” button until you finally get there.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Make troubleshooting much easier and faster, and should be fairly simple to implement

+1 to this. Filtering by dates would be great.

We run in n8n a webhook that runs around 3.000 times/day, and sometimes a customer calls us to check something, and we ask at what time it happened, then we search. If we are lucky, it’s on the top of the 3k requests, but sometimes we can spend 1 hour pressing the Load more button.


@maxT this kind of feature has been mapped in your future improvement tasks? If yes do you have any provision to achieve this. Thanks a lot for the brilliant job doing in n8n.

Improving the executions log is indeed on our immediate roadmap. As for your specific scenario @rodrigoscdc do you know the exact ID of the execution? Or is it that you have an idea of it so you want to filter a list of executions that are around some ID #?

If the exact ID is known, wondering if the pattern of simply going to https://{your instance domain}/execution/{ID of execution} works for you? Of course only works if you know exact ID.

@yukyo yes any refactor of Executions List should receive ability to filter by date range - empathising with your story of spending an hour scrolling through executions; we absolutely want to make that easier for you!

And thannks @rodrigoscdc for the kind words, we’ll continue making n8n better each week :slight_smile:


I think it would also be very helpful to allow searching for a string. For example, we have workflows to send emails and it would be very helpful to be able to search for an email address or a name.

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Hey! Is there any news on the implementation of the filtering function by date and other execution parameters?

I think it is still on the list of things to look into doing, We recently did the Workflow and Credentials views.

We recently added support for custom execution data, In theory you could use this and set the value to the execution ID or anything else you wanted to then be able to search for it.