Searching / Matching Data in a flow

Quick question.

Lets say i have a spreadsheet with a list of stuff in it, for example software/vendor names.

Then I have a workflow that pulls back JSON CVE information, and one of the fields mentions the software name or the vendors e.g Google, or Microsoft etc.

Is there a way to using the CVE data, query/grep/mine/search the spreadsheet to find if there is a match, basically a lookup.

(Dummy fake data)
CVE-2022-1234 = Chrome / Google

Cell A | Cell B | Cell C | etc
Vendor | Software | Version | Etc
Google | Chrome | 123 | etc
Microsoft | Edge | 345 | etc

the spreadsheet I’m sure I can get into json format somehow also.

Match Google with Google or Chrome with chrome etc.

and then do this per item in the json list.

if that makes sense?

Hey Red,
I am not entirely sure I understand your question. Is your question about working with CVE data? If yes can you post an example of what this would look like. Or is your question about transforming a spreadsheet to json and than match things from here?

no the question is taking data from one source and trying to find a match in another source and the best way to do this

Ahhhh so you have this string

And you want to find matching rows here

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Yeah basically, not that exact string but you get the idea.

It’s more the technique of how to find a result / match a result between two data sources.

You could try using multiple Merge nodes with mode keep key matches. Here is an example workflow to illustrate.


hmm, will give it a go, see what it lets me do. cheers