Seatable trigger node

Hello, I am having not able to retrieve data with seatable trigger node.

I use the same credential and same table. One testing with trigger node and another testing with normal node.

I am having error in trigger node but normal node return json data. May i know what is wrong with my setup?

Can you try it setting the env variable N8N_USE_DEPRECATED_REQUEST_LIB=true

Hello @RicardoE105 ,

I have added the variable. and the error still persist.

I just tested it, and it works fine for me. Not sure what might be happening

noted…maybe i will retry with a new table… :blush:

update…: other table works fine… maybe it is just this specific table… nevermind…i will make a new table…

@RicardoE105 i have another problem with the trigger node.

I set it up to 1 min interval , create a new row through form , and wait for 2 minutes. however, no notification is send through http request node.

when i press the “execute work flow” , trigger node return a value. and it return the 1st value of in the table.

When testing, it will always return the first record. You have to activate the workflow. How do you know it’s not executing? Did you check the executions? Because it might be executing but erroring for some reason, and that is why the “HTTP node”, which I guess is what you have after the trigger, is not executing.

Hello @RicardoE105 i have a question, does trigger note record execution if workflow is executed manually?

back to my initial issue, i have tested a form submission again a while ago…

and after waiting for a couple of minutes, workflow is not executed.

and my trigger node setting is set to 1 min

That is quite weird. Just for testing, can you bump the time to every 5 minutes? And let me know if that works?

ok.let me try…i will come back to you later…

hello @RicardoE105 nothing happen too.

How are you testing it in the Seatable side? Because it’s going to trigger when there is a new record, not when a record is updated.

Hello @RicardoE105 i put the workflow in active, using the form in seatable to fill up a new row. wait for the trigger. But nothing happen and workflow execution is not showing anything too.

sorry for the photo. although it show last modified time… it is a new record…

i should have shown you this timestamp instead…

by the way, i forgot to mention that i am using self hosted seatable… not sure if this is the cause of it.

I just tested with Seatable cloud and it worked fine. To be honest, I’m not familiar with the self-hosted version, so not sure if it’s different than the cloud offering somehow and that is causing the issue. I guess that is a question for the Seatable community.

@RicardoE105 maybe seatable self hosted version is not triggering. I will check with the community at seatable form if anybody is facing similar issue with me.

thank you for your help. :grinning:

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Of course. Let us know if that is the case so we can add a fix/improvement to make it work with the self-hosted version.

while nobody reply me with regards to this issue at seatable forum, i realised that my api status show it is not connected

I am not sure if this is the reason why i am not getting the trigger to work…

Hello ,

I have check with seatable community with regards to this issue, they make some changes to their last modified time.

and it is still not triggering …