Secure /webhook & /webhook-test URLS with basic Auth

Hi there,

My sysadmin asked me to secure the acces to /webhook & /webhook-test via some auth, but so far my tests failed. If i do so (with basic auth), my webhooks arent accessible (i’ve done tests with POSTMAN) and triggers nodes stop working. Is this possible ?
Am I doing something wrong ?

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @dubarseo,

I have just done a quick test in my test environment using Basic Auth for my webhook trigger and it appears to be working from from a curl command.

I have been using:

curl https://n8n.mydomain.tld/webhook-test/some-path -u myuser:mypass

Then in my webhook trigger I have it set to use Basic Auth and I have made some credentials for it to use.

The only problem I would have now is if the service I am using doesn’t support basic auth or header auth I won’t be able to use it.

What issue are you seeing in your testing?

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Thanks Jon, il will try again.
My issue is that simply workflows stop working when I use some basic auth, probably i’ve done something wrong.