See variables in different runs in Node Details View

The new Node Details View is phenomenal.

It would be great however, if the variable values in the middle pane changed according to the selected run.

Example: I’ve created a pagination flow and would like to see the pagination token for each run. But it seems to me that it will always display the same variable value no matter which run is selected.

Also for long variable values, perhaps it would be better if the values displayed on hover (so I would not need to open up the expression to see the value).

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This is a feature request I’d also like. It’d be great to be able to see exactly what the expression values would look like after execution X and run Y. @MutedJam may be able to help convert this to a feature request.


I too like this idea and have changed this into a feature request. Don’t forget to vote on it to make it count @systemaddict :slight_smile:

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Thanks, much appreciated.

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