Seeking feedback on the documentation 📖

Hello Deborah,

For me, what helped me to get started were as well templates. Often just tried to recreate templates on my own and learned the functionality of nodes by “try and error”.
When nothing helped i often just scrolled through the community forum, i think that was the best documentation that helped me all the time.

Kind Regards

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Hi Deborah,

The documentation is quite clear in general but its a bit divided. I would prefer a small list of recommendations on configurations in the docker setup guide. There are a lot of options available with n8n, which is the reason we like the product. But most things you wont know you need until you run into a problem and start researching. We started this project to just see what it was and experimented with it but after we had it running (which was quite easy) there were some variables we needed before we could use certain options in workflows.

Hi @deborah,

I’d recommend using GenAI tools that scan all of the open/closed issues and PRs in the N8N GitHub – using that information to dynamically generate better updated documentation.

Otherwise, you’re going to run into a continual problem of trying to “keep up” with the developers on the latest issues/features within the formal documentation.

There also needs to be a dedicated tag in the GitHub issue tracker that flags things like documentation-needed, accordingly.