Seeking JavaScript guru to rewrite a function (for the sake of all of us)

Hi there,

converting JSON to .csv seems to be a lot less easier than assumed.
Null values, “weird” formatings, complex types, … reality proves there is quite some things to consider.

There is a nice javascript function doing most of the magic within google sheets:

  • this delivers .csv data from nearly any json API directly)
  • I believe they modified this script to get there.
  • Here is the related site/guide they provide.

Does anyone in this community got the skills to create such a function in n8n - or a module?

Mock APIs:

  1. Complex: (example I took from brandfetch and made available using mocki to avoid my API limits get killed :slight_smile: )
  2. Simple:


  • Taking shopData from shop X coming in as json to update shopdata from shop Y (requiring .csv and with no further (or at least easier) roundtrip through other modules
  • generating .csv from orders to import into other tools (e.g. for tax,…)
  • Gathering/merging Data (e.g. from a webhook on order) to directly feed a spreadsheet for further magic

If I had the skills, I´d carve out time to do it myself. :frowning: