Segment events as trigger

Hey guys! I’m trying a bit with n8n and I have a question regarding Segment events.

We use Segment as our CDP, and we track many events, that are then sent to many destinations.
Is there a way to trigger a workflow in n8n from a particular Segment event ?

The only workaround I could find but didn’t implement (yet) is : listening to a webhook, configured as data destination on Segment side, and use many ifs to trigger the workflow suited to that event.

Is there something I’m missing here?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Gawtier, welcome to the community!

Your approach seems feasible to me. Have segment send a webhook to n8n and then perform the intended logic in n8n should work fine in principle.

As for the number of IF nodes in n8n, if you only want to test for one event, a single node should be enough (verifying that the event is the one you want to track).

That said, it seems for paid accounts segment let’s you configure filters to avoid sending too many webhooks for tracking events you don’t need actually need:

So if you have access to this option, you could reduce the amount of data send somewhat.