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I’m building a workflow to creating a shipping label based on Shopify orders. I have a dymo label printer, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to take the workflow to the next level and automatically print the label from the workflow?
Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

Hi @tonybelonie, I reckon it’s possible at least in theory provided your n8n instance can talk to the machine connected to the label printer. But it doesn’t seem officially supported from the looks of it as their web SDK targets browsers.

You might have more success with using 3rd party packages from fellow Dymo users such as GitHub - kozmoz/node-dymo-printer: Print labels with Dymo label-writer. No drivers required. Windows, Linux, MacOS through the Code node. I don’t have a suitable printer, so can’t test this first hand unfortunately. From the n8n side of things you’d need to make sure your n8n instance has access to the npm package in question and allows its use by setting the NODE_FUNCTION_ALLOW_EXTERNAL environment variable.

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