Send input parameters as additional fields in node


I just try and not working for me. Rejected.

Yep! If you notice in the docs on the right where it shows the request (pick cURL to make it easy)

Each url request has to contain a unique email for each customer so that has to be different for every single request


When I use your authentication method, it doesn’t take the email info.

When I use RicardoE105’s authentication method, it does take the information from the email json but it is rejected…


Can you try with the api_key base64 encoded instead? You can use a site like:


I tried and 401 - {“meta”:{“error”: “Unauthorized request”}}

Same thing ;(

This wouldn’t work because expects the whole string to be Base64 encoded

So you would take site_id:api_key and then base64 encode the whole thing