Send Mail node's HTML doesn't accept JS parameters when too long


I have an issue with the Send Email node: when I have a big HTML body template, it gets truncate where the first variable is.
Everything works fine when the HTML body is small.
Send email node HTML is truncated after the integration of variables but only when it’s too long
The issue was not there in 0.127.1 and appeared when I updated my instance to 0.129.0.

I have already tried to :

  • Duplicate the node to try my case with the new node
  • Create a new Send Mail node and put the same credentials and parameters
  • Change the js parameters given inside of my HTML
  • Use those js parameters everywhere except inside of html (and it worked)
  • Create and build the same workflow

I have reproduced the issue with a minimal workflow:

Any idea on how to investigate this further?

Information on my n8n setup

  • 0.209.0
  • PostgreSQL
  • Own

Hi @alan.ballanger, welcome to the community :tada:

I am very sorry for the trouble. I believe your problem has been fixed with [email protected], check this thread for the story. Perhaps you can upgrade your n8n instance and confirm if you’re still facing trouble afterwards?

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