Send one worflows json output to errortrigger workflow

Hi guys,
im trying to build a error trigger workflow. it is triggered when the other workflow has execuiton. at the same time i wanna send whats problem to slack. i connected slack with n8n and i can send error message. but it has no inside object. like just UNKNOW ERROR check for detail… i want send inside of this error. can you help me please ^^

Hey @elifyilmaz,

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Can you share your workflow?

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this is main workflow,

this is worflow which is sending error message to slack.

sended slack message is like that

i wanna show detail of error :roll_eyes:

Hey @elifyilmaz,

If you look at the execution log for a failed run what does the output of the failing HTTP Request node say?

it is output of the executed http node

it is details

I will do some testing today on this one, What version of n8n are you running?

version is 0.183.0. Thank you :upside_down_face:

hi jon,
is there any update?

Hey @elifyilmaz,

I believe what is happening is we only show the “error” which is the first part rather than the full message so it looks like this may not be currently possible easily.

If you set the node to full response and allow it to continue on error does that provide the data? You could then use that manually with an If node and the stop and error node.

im gonna try that way jon, thank you

You could also try to use the n8n API to query the execution. It should then contain all the data including the full error.