Sendgrid API integration [GOT CREATED]

Hi n8n,

I love you tool it’s really great and I’m using it to automate various workflow.

QQ I’m also using integromat because of the sendgrid API integration (create contact, add to list, add new list, send email, etc.).
Are there any plans to build the sendgrid API integration for n8n as well?

Sorry, if I post a question which was already answered several times - but I couldn’t find this topic in the forum.


Hey @Christian_Eckelmann!

Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for creating the feature request. Can you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? Just to be sure that if this node gets created it does already what you need it to do.

Hi Harshil,

thanks for your response. I’m using the following API request atm:

  • Create / Update Contact
  • Add contact to list
  • get all contacts
  • get all lists
  • remove contact from list
  • watch contacts (new or update)

Would be great to understand the ETA for this featue?


The more votes this feature gets the more priority will be given! We usually build and release nodes in a week, but sometimes it might take longer. Hence, I am sorry, but I don’t have a definite ETA for this.

Saying that, while the node gets build you can use the HTTP Request node to access the Sendgrid API. I found this API that will help you.

Feel free to create a new post if you need help with the HTTP Request node. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just Voted.

Sending email functionality is in progress. We will let you know when it is released.


Got released with [email protected]

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Wow, Thanks. :heart:

Hey @tanay bro.

As I already requested, Please create a New Thread as Changelog or Updates and make admin only if possible and post update in that single thread if new n8n update get released.

It’s really quite hard to keep up with update of n8n.

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Hey @mcnaveen, definitely! Right now we are looking at automating the process of creating changelogs as well as improving them. We can definitely have the automation notify users via multiple channels like Discourse and mailing lists too. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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