SendInBLue - Add to list or Add to automation


I’m using the SendInBlue node to send data to the platform after some subscriptions.

Adding attributes was easy, but I didn’t find how to add the contact to a list or automation… How can I do that through the n8n node?

This is the node I built:

Thanks for your help

Hey @davidemancuso,

It looks like we don’t have support in the node for adding a contact to a list which is a bit odd, The only thing I can think of would be to use the HTTP Request node and send the API call that SendInBlue needs for an automation or list update.

Something like the below would add a user to a list using their email address as an ID but you can also use an ID instead if you have it.

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It’s odd, isn’t it? I thought it too.

By the way, I tried your solution, but I got a JSON error. Here is the screenshot:

I paste down here also my automation, in case it helps you to better understand the issue:

Hey @davidemancuso,

The JSON you are sending is not correct, It needs to be something like {"emails":["[email protected]"]} for IDs it would be {"ids":[10]} so with an expression maybe something like…

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Ok, I got it, but I’m not still able to make it works…

I got this error now:

Thanks a lot for your help!

That looks to be ok, I have just been playing a bit more I think the issue is oddly down to the option being a number. This only seems to be an issue when when coming from a node by name rather than $json,

Something like this might get around the issue…

Hi Jon, I?m your worst nightmare by far I guess! I saw your solutions, but I can’t figure out how to make it works.

What do you mean by query.source_url?

I tried to input the actual source URL, but I got this error:

And I got this error in whatever string or expression I set in Input 2.

I tried to leave the parameters as strings, but I got this error:

Then I tried to insert the actual query URL in Input 2, the one I get from the path Current Node > Input Data > JSON > query, but still I get this new error:

I’m missing something for sure, it can’t be this difficult, is it?


With the new HTTP Request update, this solution works so good!

Thanks for all your support!

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So all is good?

With the merge you would put in just the “path” to the value rather than the expression which could be where the confusion is.

Yes, it works without the merge. The HTTP Request now handles properly the input from the webhook

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