SEPIA Open Voice Assistant Integration?

Hi community,

I just read the article about n8n on and thought this could fit perfectly to my open-source voice assistant project called SEPIA:

SEPIA is a self-hosted voice-assistant that runs on a Raspberry PI (2+) (or Windows or whatever machine you have) and has a cross-platform client for browsers, Android and iOS (not yet in the Apple store, but build script available).
It has all the features you’d expect of a virtual assistant like: navigation, to-do lists, news, radio, music, weather, Wikipedia etc. and smart home integration via openHAB.

Now the special thing about SEPIA is that its very modular and extendable with custom commands (via Teach-UI inside the app) and services (via SDK and Code-UI in the Control-HUB). It runs on a Java server, but there is a deeply integrated interface for a Node.js server (CLEXI) and the next version will bring a Python interface as well.

Speech-recognition is usually done inside the client app via Chrome API or Android native online/offline ASR but can also be used via a self-hosted open-source ASR server that works on all SEPIA clients (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Android, iOS etc. just not on IE11).

Would the community be interested to see a SEPIA integration in n8n?


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