Serve n8n over an subpath

Hi everyone,
I have the challenge that i need to serve n8n over an subpath.
So instead of localhost:5678 it needs to be accessible from localhost:5678/subpath
I have already changed the base parameter in the vue router config(packages/editor-ui/src/router.ts) to /subpath, but this parameter is of course only responsible for the client side routing.
All the static files and /rest are still accessed over the root path. Does anyone know what I have to change in the source code so that they will also be served from the subpath?

Hey @nick, welcome to the community! Perhaps this helps? n8n/docker/compose/subfolderWithSSL at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub :slight_smile:

hey @tanay . Is there any way to do this without traefik? Just by configuring N8N_PATH?

I’m not familiar with traefik. What rules are used to configure the subpath if using another reverse proxy?


ok, so it just works. If you don’t use traefik just configure N8N_PATH, and everything served from n8n will have the subpath. Now just configure your reverse proxy to point to that particular url.

I have an issue with opening workflows from but will post a new question.