Server Setup running 0.134.0 ok, update to latest version response Bad Gateway

I’m running n8n server install follow instruction Server Setup | Docs version 0.134.0, but when I update to latest version using commands:

cd /root/n8n
docker-compose stop 
docker-compose rm 
docker-compose pull 
docker-compose up -d

My n8n site response Bad Gateway, I have back to 0.134.0, How can I update to latest version? Thanks!

Hi @huuich,

Sounds like it might not be running properly, do you get any errors in the logs?

Sorry because I’m quite not pro at System Manage, I only install follow instructions, How can I check log?

It should be something like docker logs container-name where container-name is the name of your container (you can find it with docker ps -a).

You can also find some information on logging here: Logging in n8n | Docs but for now start with what docker gives, I suspect during the database migration it was cancelled and it needs cleaning up.

Instead of docker-compose up -d you can use docker-compose up. You will then see the output.

Generally assume the issue is the migration. Do you have a lot of past executions saved? Because then it could take a while for it to finish. So I would assume if you wait a little bit the problem will solve itself.


Thank you @jan for remove “-d”, I can see the progress now and know have to wait, in this case “waiting is happiness”. The site has little executions saved is ok, I have another site big executions saved. How can I remove all executions before update newest version?

Check out this page: Maintenance | Docs

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Thank you, is there any command to clear all executions immediately?

That would only be possible on a database level.

As an alternative, you can set the prune-time to something very short.

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