Serverless setup templates

Would be very nice to add serverless setup possibilities, for example:

Hey @gotjoshua!

May you please elaborate and if possible share some use-case? I am working on a Netlify integration and want to understand if there is something that I can implement :slight_smile:

I mean in the deployment section of the readme, I want to see buttons like that one above to deploy on netlify… And vercel… And maybe railway…
And whatever other one click deployments might make sense.

There is also a different definition of serverless referring to an app that is ready to run without a persistent process (like on aws lambda or Cloudflare functions) but I don’t think that this makes sense for the full n8n platform, at least not in the short term.

What could be interesting is to have a way to architect a web hook in n8n and auto deploy the individual web hook to aws lambda or Cloudflare functions. But that is a totally different feature request.

Thanks for sharing more information. I think this would be a bit more complicated since both the front-end and the back-end live in the same repo. However, today I was having a similar conversation with Jan! I too think it will be really helpful to have such a setup.

Also, just noticed that you’ve not voted on the request. Make sure you upvote the requests :slight_smile:

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What would be more complicated?

It is for sure possible to spin up an instance via netlify, right?