Session code as variabler

I am retrieving a session code through a http requiest. works great.
But when I try to use it as a variable in another http request node it will not work. if the preview is green, and it shows the exact value. Have also tried to use String() around the expression but still fails.

This works:

This does not work:

Any ideas? the “SessionCode” is one of 2 stream into this final http request which will write directly to our ERP-system.

Hey @frankemann,

Are you planning on using the session node along with the data from the Liste med relevant data node? n8n will treat it as 2 different inputs and would probably result in 16 runs (one for each input item) if you need to use the value for each of the 15 items it could be worth using a merge node to add the session key to each item then run the HTTP Request node.

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Thanks! That solved the problem :slight_smile:


I am almost in goal with my automation, but there is one more step I have problem to manage.
I have now a list with my products retrievede from the api and also got the sessioncode as you helped me in the last step.

In the last step in the automation I need to do a http request to send the data to our ERP-systems. This works nice with the list we merged with the session code.
But I also need to use another list as input to this last http request. This last consist of table with 2 columns. One with the product numbers in the erp-system and one with the product price.

the question is how i can make use of both these liste and to use the variables into my final http body request? the body request must take variable input from both of this lists.

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