Sessions and authentication n8n embed

Good morning :wave: is there any docs how to handle authentication in n8n embed? we want to use n8n embed in our own app, however we would like to use our own identity service, we are using AWS cognito

Hey @Abraham_Guzman, welcome to the community :tada:

There is no functional difference between n8n and n8n embed (= the product is the same you see on GitHub). So I am afraid there currently is no pre-built connection to an external identity service (you can find a more comprehensive answer to a similar question here: Usability for end users - #3 by jan).

Thank you for the response @MutedJam ! so there use no native User Management yet supported n8n right? so that means we can handle user management totally on our end with AWS cognito. is that correct?

As of now ([email protected]) that’s right, however, user management will come very soon (but not include support for external identity services in the first release).

I don’t have first hand experience with AWS Cognito but have used n8n behind basic auth configured by Nginx rather than n8n. So your approach sounds perfectly fine to me. Keep in mind though that everyone with access to your instance would be able to see all workflows and credentials. So as per the linked post you’d need to ensure to spin up separate n8n instances per user if that’s not desired.

thanks! will do more tech research