Set Credentials programmatically [GOT CREATED]

Hey @thex3family, does my solution above help? Please let me know if there’s something very specific that you’re looking for.

Hi harshil, thanks for the help, but that’s not the solution that’s working for me.
At the moment, what you’re showing is the case if there is only one credential to be passed. That works flawlessly, no issue with that. But what if there are multiple credentials? That is the situation I am dealing with, and it seems like the node will run through the first auth - and then fail for the second one.

To be certain, I am referring to Jan’s message here:
" The only limitation is that it uses always the data of the first item. So if there are two items the first one having name: frank1 , the second name: tom2 and credentials using the following expression {{$}} it would use in the credentials only the value frank1 ."

I am looking for a way to pass multiple credentials into the node so that I can return different information as I run through the array.

What I’m thinking is to use a function node to truncate the array down to one credential, resolve the workflow, and then iterate back to the second credential, run the workflow, and so on. But don’t really have the faintest idea how to do this, and wondering if there’s an easier way.

EDIT: Solved! The answer is to use a Split In Batches node. I can share the code if anyone is interested!

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Hello @thex3family would be nice to see your solution.