Set Credentials programmatically

I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to set the credentials programmatically, for instance, I’m interested in the Pipedrive Node, I would like to create a Flow were the credential information is stored somewhere, maybe a database and I can take that string and use it dynamically in runtime in a Pipedrive Node as a variable, the credential. Make sense?

Andrés Watson

It sounds similar to something which gets discussed here:

Great Jan. The idea is not to use a CUSTOM but use the NODES available in n8n. I understand that this could mean a different approach… maybe you can create a CREDENTIAL TYPE that when you use it, it requires to heritage the parameters… just talking laud, you are are one who knows…

The idea I have in mind is that I can use n8n as a middleware between an App I’m developing and the different other platforms, this is why I need to be able to dynamically set the credentials.

I think this could be useful for others too.

What do you think?

What do you think @RicardoE105 ?