Set default input for designer

Can I provide default input? I would like to be able to click “run” in the designer, without having to first make a curl-call to the webhook? In this particular case, I need to provide a unique customer id for my workflow, but while testing I’d be happy with a hard-coded customer id used for testing.

Here’s what my entry point looks like:

You can use a Set-Node between the Start and HTTP Request node to provide that data. You would however have to make sure that you deactivate the Webhook-Node first (easiest and fastest by selecting it and pressing “d”).

…and deactivate the SetNode before deploying the workflow, so that the webhook is active again?

That’s a great solution! Thanks!

If the Set-Node is only between Start and HTTP Request node, there would be no need to deactivate the Set-Node as it would not get executed.

Ah yes. For production, you would have to make sure to activate the Webhook-Node again.