Setting up filter for different routes

hey guys, Need some help in setting up workflow.

I receive data in webhook with 10 different url. For example, If there are 4 Url only than i need to set up something like filter that direct it to workflow for 4 url. If there are 10 than direct it to 10 url proceeding workflow. So how can i check this via filter and direct it to specific steps workflow.

Hey @Prem_Patel,

Do you have an example of the input data you are working with? Are you also calling sub workflows or just routing to a different part of the current workflow?

Thanks for replying sir, I can share a workflow but i can’t log in on Windows n8n app.

But i want to set up like this…

Hey @Prem_Patel,

What happens when you try to log into the n8n app? Something that could be possible but it all depends on what each node is actually doing there. I thought it was going to be some kind of http post coming in but that looks like it could be a twitter poll for new tweets.

Hello sir, There are https but what i am saying is how can i achieve this kind of routes with filters. log in screen

See this is the old snapshot…