Sftp certificate credential usage

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I am new to the product. Looks great. I was wondering how do I connect to a SFTP server using a certificate key ? Has anyone tried this already and succeeded ?


@TheMasterPrawn welcome to the community.

As far as I know, this is not posible yet. However, the node uses this library under the hood. As long as this library support ‘certificates key’ is can be implemented. I do not have experience with SFTP, but if you can look at the lib and point me out in the right direction, I can implement it.

Hi, I’m brand new to n8n and I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far.

Most of the workflows I would like to create, however, involve connecting to an sftp server using a private key/ssh key option instead of a password, but it doesn’t seem to be implemented yet.

Skimming through the library linked above, it seems like it has sftp options for privateKey and passphrase though I wouldn’t have any idea how to implement that.

The feature got now requested here:

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@Qogcil Welcome to the community. This got added. FTP node: No option to provide keyFile and passphrase