Sharing my self hosting journey with n8n

Hey guys, remember how excited I was when I found a free and open-source Zapier alternative called n8n?

I have previously shared how I used n8n to automate and create my infographic in less than 1 minute😁: Sharing of my personal project 🙌- Dynamically Create and Share Infographics on Telegram with n8n - #3 by TAN_YONG_SHENG - Built with n8n - n8n

Personally, I like this tool, and that’s why I started to think about how to self-host this n8n website on my VPS hosting! At the same time, I’m excited to self-host other services on my VPS server, such as NocoDB – a no-code database platform and an alternative to AirTable.

In this beginner guide, I’ll show you how we could easily host those website apps to kickstart your automation journey.

Wait no more! Let’s get started! Read more here: How to Host Multiple Websites (incl. n8n) with Docker & Traefik on One Server! - Tan Yong Sheng

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