Show Node Description


I was thinking about having a Node description whenever you click on a node.
A window could slide in with a brief description of the node.
Furthermore, it could link to workflow examples and/or to the issue page of the respective node.

It could be similar to the gif below.


Thanks a lot! I like the idea of displaying the documentation directly within n8n. We would however make sure that it does not unnecessarily take up important screen real estate. Because I can see how helpful it can be for new users but also how annoying for people who already know what they are doing.

What we already have in place and will release with the next version is this:

It displays automatically a link to the documentation to the currently active node. This will make it easy for people that need help to get it and avoids being too intrusive for people who do not. So think that is at least one step in the right direction.


I see what you mean.
How about if you hover over the node you see next to the icons a “?” in addition?
And when you click on that it then pop ups a window.