silly question

I know I should thoroughly study the documentation before asking any questions and admitting I haven’t done it yet. I found the 8n8 project on Github a few days ago. Currently, I have a lot of work and it’s hard for me to get involved in something more :(. However, I had a need to find a software similar to the selenium IDE. Specifically, I mean the recognition process on a specific side of the object and then there is no interaction with the mouse cursor (click) no chaptcha, etc. come not quite constant it is located in a square with fixed dimensions and after each sequence every half hour it changes its location within the quadrant. As far as I know, selenium would be able to deal with it. that the action was automatic. Someone will comment on the topic?

@lobo2384, could you elaborate a bit more the user case that you execute with Selenium? What kind of testing are you doing?

We usually do some browser automation at (using , but if you detail your user case, we can try to integrate it as a tool to launch selenium tests.

When tool ready, you can use it from n8n, installing our beta node available at

This node has to be copied to your local ~/.n8n/custom directory and run docker this way:

docker run -it --rm
–name n8n
-p 5678:5678
-v ~/.n8n:/root/.n8n
n8n start --tunnel