Slack sending message in batches

Have some trouble with bulk sending messages to Slack
I need to send 1 message to every user once but my WF do it every batch iteration for all, not only for user who processed by batch(
How I can limit or, maybe, parse processed users and stop sending them messages?
Thank you!


Sorry I cannot really translate what you are asking to your workflow.
You want to send messages to slack users right?
The Slack node should process a message per item that enters the slack node.
So for example if you have 10 items with each a userId and a message, the slack node should be able to process them one by one.

Can you give a sample of the data you want to input into the slack node?

I have 352 Slack users and need to sent message to all
If I’ll sent 352 messages at one flow - API limit will be exceeded
I need to send this messages by 50 every 20 seconds but to different users
Maybe realisation is bad, tell me please :slight_smile:

Ah so you simply need to make sure the API calls are done in batches because otherwise it is too fast?
Then you can easily use the split in batches idd.

If you want to continue the workflow after the split in batches was done you can use the Community node parhaps

If you do not need to continue after split in batches you can use the default node.
you should remove the If at this position. and the wait should idd help you to slow the speed of the API requests.
If you want to use the if, you should do it after the messages where send.


Oh, sorry but service unavailable now
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Try it later

You can also define batch size and batch wait in the options of the HTTP node without having to add complex flows into your workflow

Thank you very much, @BramKn
Advanced batch solved my problem

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