[SOLVED] My service is not working

I just finished setting up my n8n service.

The domain is https://n8n.entregabilida.de - SLL is not working on it.
I used the Digital Oceal server to host it. I followed the steps as it is said on Server Setup | Docs

But it seems that something is missing.

Can someone help me?

Welcome to the community @felipestoker!

Best to use instead of docker-compose up -d just docker-compose up. You should then see the output and so all error messages. That should help you to debug this problem.

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Thank you.

I did and:

Starting root_n8n_1     ... done
Starting root_traefik_1 ... done
Attaching to root_traefik_1, root_n8n_1
traefik_1  | time="2021-07-31T00:42:23Z" level=info msg="Configuration loaded from flags."
n8n_1      | Initializing n8n process
n8n_1      |
n8n_1      | n8n now checks for new versions and security updates. You can turn this off using the environment variable N8N_VERSION_NOTIFICATIONS_ENABLED to "false"
n8n_1      | For more information, please refer to https://docs.n8n.io/getting-started/installation/advanced/configuration.html
n8n_1      |
n8n_1      | n8n ready on, port 5678
n8n_1      | Version: 0.131.0
n8n_1      |  ================================
n8n_1      |    Start Active Workflows:
n8n_1      |  ================================
n8n_1      |    - My workflow
n8n_1      |      => Started
n8n_1      |
n8n_1      | Editor is now accessible via:
n8n_1      | https://n8n.entregabilida.de:5678/

As I can see, everything is ok.

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Hey @felipestoker!

Can you please share what was the exact issue and how did you solve it? This may benefit other members who might have similar issue :slight_smile: