[solved] Problems with Pushbullet integration

hi there, I can’t seem to be able to send any pushes via pushbullet. Here is what I did so far:

I went to my self hosted n8n instance, created new credentials for pushbullet. followed the instructions and got connected.

when going to the connection it shows as connected in n8n:

and inside the pushbullet.com dashboard as well:

but when I click on

and then on “approve”

I get this error:
{"code":0,"message":"Insufficient parameters for OAuth2 callback. Received following query parameters: {}","hint":""}

any ideas?

the last error looks like this (I could only add 5 images as a new user)

nevermind, it works despite that warning :-/

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Hi @ovizii, welcome to the community and glad to hear you figured this out, thanks so much for confirming!

I quickly tested this myself, but would also run into this problem only when using the test link from Pushbullet. The authentication process initiated by n8n was working fine and without error messages:

I think there is not much we can do about the actual error from our end, since the test link from your original message is generated by Pushbullet. I will add a note to our respective though when I have a bit of time over the next days so future users are aware of this.

Thanks so much for reporting :slight_smile:

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