[Solved] Survey at start - possibility to not send


probably a suggestion :
make the possibility to not answer to the survey at start

version 0.161.1
I just start on docker
Every time I restarted, I have to answer to the survey. This will probably skew the results

Hope it’s a new (good) idea :slight_smile:

Solved :

I like this, could be run survey after some time.
Also in my case it run one time. I checked also now, and I had a file called personalizationSurvey.json with all values set as null, I could not reproduce this, but I think it’s possible to decline survey.
Is it possible that you have somehow wrong configured volumes? Does you n8n instant save workflows correctly? I ask because for me it looks like file contain survey does not save correctly / is removed


Think it’s good to know who is using the product. But I prefer later or skip option. :grinning:

Like @Shirobachi mentioned I don’t think you should see it every time you restart the container / update n8n.

Have you made a volume for the container so it can keep data between upgrades?

You are right, I did not configure a volume.
I will work on it
Thank you for your messages

FYI you can “skip” the form by simply clicking the “Continue” button - no fields are required.


:sweat_smile: it works !
Thank you
Have a good day

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