Some workflows need priority in queue when run workers

When I try to run workers to run n8n in queue. Some workflows are more important need run immediately. But when worker can not run all workflows in queue at the same time, it makes a delay of important one which is need to run first.

So it seems ok when I could set priority for some important workflows for worker.

Assumes we have normal workflows with priority at default is “0”. And at the same time, there are about 200 workflows like that are running. After then there is a important workflow run and set in queue with 201. But I do not want to have delay with that important workflow, and want to force it to run immediately without waiting others.

Now I want to set priority “1” for that workflow
And worker could run it first.

We could set more priority for many workflow to help workers know what is more important to run first (1, 2, 3…)

Could you consider to this feature?